Bossy Gourmet

Author Albertsons Market | July 13, 2020

The Bossy Gourmet’s award-winning salsa is made right here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They originally got their start in 2014 and are continuously working to create the best possible salsa. 

Their story started with a chef teaching non-chef how to make food. The chef began barking out orders and the non-chef was immobilized. They could no longer perform even basic kitchen duties. The chef took over and began preparing the food alone. The non-chef called the chef The Bossy Gourmet. The name was the perfect description of the chef, and the name stuck. 

Their salsas have jalapeños and chiles as the first ingredients, and are packed full of flavor. In addition to their award-winning jalapeño and chile salsas, they also recently launched their own restaurant-style salsa. This is a great, flavorful New Mexico brand, so be sure to try them out!

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