Something Sweet & Spooky for the Kiddos

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | October 15, 2020

Whip up something sweet and spooky for the kids! In these delicious non-alcoholic mocktails, we’re holding off on the spirits and going heavy on the spooky! Make Halloween extra memorable for your kids with these fun recipes below.

Find everything you need to prepare these kid-friendly Halloween drinks at your local Albertsons Market!

Cherry Chiller 

Serve this refreshing cherry chiller to your kids this Halloween! Add cherries for a creepy eyeball effect and serve in a “blood” dripped glass. 

See more recipes from DIY Network: 

cherry chiller

easy halloween drink for kids

Easy Halloween Drink with Peep Straw 

Looking for a fun Halloween drink that is ridiculously easy to make? Look no further! Lemon-lime soda and green candies make up the base of this mocktail. 

See full recipe from A Girl and a Glue Gun: 

Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate 

Combining a few of this season’s best things… hot chocolate and pumpkin pie! This is the perfect warm drink for your kids to enjoy after playing outside in the cold. 

See full recipe from Taste of Home: 

pumpkin spiced hot chocolate

halloween punch

Halloween Punch

This Halloween punch fits right in with October fun! Keep cool with scoops of orange sherbet. To serve it in a festive way, put your punch bowl inside a hollowed-out-pumpkin.  

See full recipe from Taste of Home: 

Witches’ Brew

Watch your kids wiggle and squirm as you offer them earthworms (gummy worms), veins (licorice), witches teeth (candy corn), and eyeballs (frozen grapes) in their witches’ brew! 

See full recipe from Kitchn:

witches' brew

halloween milkshakes

Halloween Milkshakes: 3 Ways 

Pick your poison! Whip up your favorite milkshake and pour into a prepared glass to enjoy a ghost, vampire-bite, or monster-blood inspired milkshake. 

See full recipe from A Beautiful Mess:

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